A little nudge of knowledge today is a ‘SIX’ for success in the future

June 21, 2022

Photo credit: Books n’ Boots

Straight Bat is proud to be a supporter of Books n’ Boots in its mission to support the wellbeing and happiness of First Nations children around the country.

Access to adequate learning materials, like children’s books, should be a necessity and not a privilege for all children. The development in values, confidence, personal awareness and social development that comes through books is crucial. Unfortunately, not all children in Australia have this access. There is a growing demand for books in rural and regional First Nations communities and schools as communities strive to close the literacy gap.

Books n’ Boots, established in 2015, helps bridge this gap by delivering services that support good health, wellbeing, and happiness of First Nations’ children across Australia. Their health and education programs include:

  • The Tiny Treasures project which facilitates the provision of pre-loved and new books to remote area primary school age children in Australia
  • The Kalbarr project which aims to foster the relationship between schools in the Maribyrnong City Council and assist them in raising awareness on the health and literacy gaps for First Nations communities
  • The Books n’ Boots Tutoring program which is a one-on-one learning support program delivered to First Nations Primary and Secondary aged students.


At Straight Bat we are inspired by the works and vision of Books n’ Boots. They remind us that legacy is what is most important. Legacy is not simply about what we leave behind. It is about sharing what we learned and what we have, not only with family and business but also with the community.

Straight Bat is looking forward to continuing to support Books n’ Boots to provide children’s books and sports footwear to First Nations children. We hope that one day we can assist in providing cricket bats as well.

To find out more and donate to Books n’ Boots, click here.